Change-Makers Mentoring Program 

Neglected and abandoned children living in orphanages lack role models in their lives. Sublimitas' Change-Makers mentoring program engages successful young professionals who speak Ukrainian to serve as role models and mentors for orphanage youth. Mentors share their advice and insights about life issues, provide support in post-secondary educational preparation and pursuits, guide the youth in their decision-making processes and challenges, and cultivate the youth's necessary life skills (e.g. budgeting, time management, self-advocacy, self-care, academic/study skills, networking, among others) to help the youth succeed in their educational endeavors and adapt in mainstream society after orphanages. The mentoring program provides an opportunity for both mentors and mentees to create positive change in each other's lives. We identify, recruit, and provide continuous guidance to our mentors. Mentors commit to volunteering 6-8 hours per month of at least one in-person meeting or online/phone communication with their mentee. 

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