Fieldwork dilemmas: Conducting research with orphans

Sublimitas undertakes a research-informed approach to designing, developing, and implementing educational programs for marginalized children and youth. Alla Korzh's recent publication in an edited volume "Youth "at the margins": Critical perspectives and experiences of engaging youth in research worldwide" highlights methodological and practical challenges faced in Ukrainian orphanages and critical reflections on researcher obligation to participants. 

"Qualitative research enabled me to enter the youth’s lives to understand and document their daily experiences in orphanages and beyond, and to make their voices heard. As a researcher committed to uncovering social inequities through the powerful tool of qualitative research, I have frequently reflected on the impact my findings will have and my obligations to my participants who have experienced inequalities in orphanages and Ukrainian society. What are our roles and responsibilities to participants while in the field and after exiting from it? To which extent does our research contribute to reducing social inequalities and human rights violations or, in fact, expose our participants to vulnerability? What is our ethical obligation as researchers when we happen to be bystanders of inequalities, discrimination, and violence? ..." Check out the publication here.